01. Youth employment navigation center (IPA- IVth component /
Project value : 120,000 EUR. (financed by the EU: 100,000 EUR.)

Main objectives: education of unemployed youngsters in the City of Petrinja (18-29 yrs) in order to enhance their competitiveness on the labour market.

Partners: City of Petrinja (Lead Partner), Croatian Association of Managers CROMA, POU Kotva. The role of EU Centar association: writing the project, taking part in project management. Time period: 07/2011 - 07/2012

02. FEDREE: Inciting the economical growth of the City of Osijek and county of Zala by development of trade and investment promotion - mainly focusing on renewable sources of energy
(IPA CBC HR-HUN / Web-site:

Main objectives: inciting the crossborder cooperation by attracting the investors in renewable sorces of energy on the crossborder area, increase of competitiveness level of both of the regions by implementing the project and inciting stimulating employment in the sector of renewable sources of energy and envirnoment protection.

Value of the projects: 230,000 EUR. Time period: 9/2011-8/2012
Partners: City of Osijek (lead partner), FFE-Association for sustainable development Nagykanizsa, Europeer Foundation-Siofok / The Role of EU Centar Zagreb: writing the project, design and content development, web site maintenance

03. ADRIACOLD: Diffusion of the new cooling technologies using the resource of solar energy on the area of the Adriatic Region
(IPA CBC Adriatic)

Project value: 2,6 mill. EUR (for Croatian partners 700,000 EUR, cofinanced by the EU 85%)

Main objectives: promotion and spread of the solar energy usage with the purpose of cooling spaces / making cooperation work between academical and public institutions, techno parks, civil society oriented organisations in order to stimulate the usage of solar energy.

Partners: Area Science Park-Trieste, Italy (lead partner), Croatian partners: Faculty of ingeneering and shipbuliding (FSB) - Zagreb, Regional agency for energy Kvarner and the City of Dubrovnik

Time Period: 10/2012-3/2015 / The role of EU Centar Zagreb & Association EU Centar: coordiantion in building up project for Croatian members of the consortium & project management team of FSB.